The route RN7 to Tulear (ex NBO)

Day 1: Antananarivo – Antsirabe (170 km +/- 3h) (HB)

Meet and greet at Antananarivo airport by our staff and then departure to join Antsirabe which is the third largest city in Madagascar. You leave the highland passing the beautiful landscape such as the rice fields and highlands villages. Stop by at Ambatolampy to discover the manufacturers of aluminium casseroles. After the visit, we continue to Antsirabe. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel and visit the town by car.

Luxury hotel: Couleur Café
Mid Range: Camelia hotel


Day 2: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana (280 km +/- 6h) (HB)

After breakfast, you will visit the town before joining Ranomafana Park, passing by Ambositra which is the centre of Madagascar’s woodcarving Zafimaniry industry. The cultural influence of the Zafimaniry tribe can be found in the traditional carvings of the local houses with their intricately carved balconies, panels and shutters. Artisans usually come from the nearby Zafimaniry villages, and work in small workshops, though it is very common to observe them working under trees in the street.

After visiting some workshops, you will head to Ranomafana. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel. The nocturnal sightseeing is available before dinner.

Luxury hotel: Setam Lodge
Mid Range: Centre Est hotel


Day 3: Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa (70 km +/- 2h) (HB)

After breakfast, head to discover Ranomafana Park. You will walk through the rainy forest to see the Golden Bamboo lemur endemic of the park, the Propithecus Diadema and others types, the birds, chameleons, butterflies, frogs etc. Many medicinal plants are also present, palm trees, orchids etc.

After lunch, drive to Ranomafana village to visit the hot Spring Station, possibility to swim in the hot spring pool and then drive to Fianarantsoa in the afternoon. You will visit Fianarantsoa’s old town before check in at your hotel.

Luxury hotel: Tsara Guest House
Mid Range: Soratel


Day 4: Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Ranohira (Isalo) (HB)


After breakfast, you will visit Fianarantsoa’s old town before taking the road to Ranohira, characterized by rice fields and Rocky Mountains. Before Ambalavao entrance, the landscape changes, it becomes dry and red. The southern part begins, temperatures are considerably warmer as the place is located far away from the mountainous regions where Fianarantsoa is set. Upon arrival, we’ll visit the wineyard factory where you will learn more about wine production.

You will then visit Antemoro paper factory. Antemoro paper which is similar to papyrus is impregnated with flowers and leaves and then used to make albums, lamp shades or simply for mural display. It is made from the Avoha tree, displaying a centenary tradition that goes back to the times of the first Muslim immigrants who reached Madagascar’s eastern coast and wrote verses from the Koran on this paper. This the only script known in Madagascar before letters from the Roman alphabet were used to transcript the spoken Malagasy language.

Continue to Anja reserve, where its easy to find lemurs’ catta, orchids, medicinal plants and traditional graves.

After the visit, continue to Ranohira and pass by the “Door to the South” which separates the high land to the southern part. Reach the high plateau of Horombe which offers a very peculiar landscape before arriving at Ranohira village. Before check in at your hotel, you will go to see “Isalo windows” for the romantic sunset’s show.

Note: Ambalavao is the 2nd biggest market of zebus in Madagascar. The town fills with cattle holders from the whole country. It is a very spectacular market in the area. You will enjoy taking pictures with the folks of man and zebus.

Luxury hotel: Relais de la Reine
Mid Range: Toile de l’Isalo


Day 5: Ranohira (Isalo) (HB)

After breakfast, transfer to the park to discover Isalo National Park, famous for its fauna and flora. The most visited site is the Canyon of the monkeys and the natural swimming pools. After the visit, drive back to your hotel.

Luxury hotel: Relais de la Reine
Mid Range: Toile de l’Isalo


Day 6: Ranohira (Isalo) – Tuléar – Antananarivo (270 km +/- 4h – 1h05 flight) (HB)

After breakfast, depart to join Tuléar and crossing the high plateau of Horombe, passing by the sapphire’s village for a tour. You will discover baobab trees standing in this dry area and Mahafaly tombs which is characterized by its color and the famous Aloalo. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport for your flight to Antananarivo. You will be met by one of our representatives at the airport and then transferred to your hotel.

Luxury hotel: Palissandre hotel 4*
Mid Range: Sakamanga hotel


Day 7: Antananarivo


After breakfast, visit some handcrafts workshop for the souvenir and then transfer to the
airport for your international flight